Working Gondola in the game engine

I have a project due in a couple weeks and it’s making a ski-lift. Unfortunately, I don’t know where start ;[. A synopsis of my goals:

A working gondola (the lift) where I can start the game and use the up/down arrow keys to control the direction of the gondola, it has to be on the wire/rope/track at all times.

A mountain (I can do that), trees (I can do that too), snow (via the particle system, I can do that as well) and where the gondola stops/starts (I can probably do this also).

I also wanted a working elevator (I was thinking ropes and pulleys or cogs on tracks)

I’d appreciate any help, thanks.

When I say ski-lift I mean something that gets people up the mountain, I don’t mean ski lift where people can jump off and ski down (sorry if that caused any misunderstanding).