Working in CG, some advices to start


I am looking for some informations about the job opportunities, I am working as an indie developer for mobile game and I want to change to work in the CG area, to be a character modeler or 3D animator for example. Could someone give me some advices to start? I have used Blender for the last 2 years for my games, and I could spend the next months to work on a portfolio.
But do you have some advices for a beginner like me? Like, “it will be very complicated for you to work without 5 years of experience”, or “you should be specialized in this field because there will be more opportunities for you”, …

I know it is wide question, but sometimes when you start, some advices help you save some time.

Thank you

For building a portfolio, i would recommend watching lots of tutorials, while keeping this in mind:

Thanks for the answer, yes I have started to do this. And to be more comfortable with drawing, I will have to try, and I will see how it goes :slight_smile: If you have other links or advices that helped you, don’t hesitate :slight_smile: