Working in groups questions

I have come across a few issue while working in a group of about 6 people, each person had a rig they needed to pose and we would import them into a main scene for rendering just to save time.

Now when importing the character the linking and appending option seems like such a pain ! When using Maya I would just reference the which the rig was in, bringing in all animations and poses, but for blenders linking you need to select the individual files that are in the scene and you are unable even select them and move them so you need to press Alt-D to make a Linked Duplicate and then you can now move it around and even pose the rig,

I thought a linked workflow would be best, because if someone changes the materials or textures of a character rig or prop in a scene it should automatically update in the main scene without having to reimport and reanimate but you can’t even move them around .

But this seems like it should be an easier process and workflow? are there any tools/addons that can help with team projects in blender ?

Working as a team should be easier or am I doing this whole thing wrong ? Any advice?

You should use make proxy on the armature after linking in the character. Shapes need to be driven by bones in the armature. I believe I Saw a script to automate setting up that.

I have tried this but it seems to remove any animation that was done to the rig ? also the crazy amount of things you need to select to import just one character ? surely there is a way to compile them into just one asset ?

Also If a file is moved from its original location is there a way to re-link or replace the linked file it or if it is saved under a new name ? also i haven’t been able to import lights from other scenes using appending or linking either ?

You could try using Groups?

You need to go into the Outliner and modify the library path.

Groups work but I still need to Select the group and all the objects inside the group in Linked file, if I miss one of the objects I have to delete everything and start again if something went wrong because of it so the group just becomes another object to select.

Also I can’t find in the outlines or the outliners menus where I would modify the path to find the .blends new location?

Link in your character. Make the rig a proxy in your linked file. Append in the action for that character from the file with the animation. Then, select your proxy rig in the linked file and then select the action you appended in from the character file in the dope sheet. Now your proxy rig will have the original animation and follow that action.