working in the cg industry

hi everybody! i will make it simple and straight as i possibly can, without being superficial. i’m a 28 year old guy, who likes computer graphics in general, i like video games, i like to model objects with 3d software (some of them are posted in this forum), and love art in general…now, my point is, i’ve never done any work in the cg industry for anybody…no one knows me, neither i have a reasonable knowledge of most CG software out there,…is there a possibility, for a 28 year old guy like me who has never exposed that much himself into this large community, to start considering success in the CG industry? i know i’m being simplistic and (hopefully not) overbearing, but you know…just a question popped in my mind a few months ago…so thanks in advanced if any of you might take a second to answer! (sorry for the BAD, bad english…trying to learn that as well!)

Hi Dimebag, another Italian here.
I’m a professional 3d artist (well developer really, but for Vfx and 3d in general), and there’s no expiration date to became one.
That said, if you want to start approaching this industry, Italy might not be the best choice, although, you can get pretty solid education from one of the bigger schools (guess which one).

Just bare in mind, if you aim to somewhere like London, or Canada, they start pretty early with dedicated education, so you’ll find yourself with bosses younger than you or your same age :wink:

if you want to have a private chat , just PM me.

Hi dimebag, I found interesting your question. Unfortunately I’m not a professional 3d artist, so my answer could be useless however I think that you could find opportunities to work in the CG even at 28. I would start by creating a portfolio, maybe also by selling models on sites like Turbosquid, just to build a reputation online. Then you can also try to reply to the forum posts where people looks for “3d artists”: apply and… cross your fingers. :slight_smile:
Once again… I’m not a 3d artist, but this is what I would do… or maybe… what I will do! :slight_smile:

Your age should not really be your concern. There will always be people who started younger and older than you no matter when you start.

Your concern should be taking the next step whatever that is. If you really like doing this, then the answer is simple. Get yourself into a position where you can start doing this a lot. Like 5-8 hours a day. Take on some kind of project and some training at the same time. If modeling is your thing, then start modeling tons of models. Whatever it is, start doing it in large amounts. And lots of hours in the day everyday.

Two things will happen. You will find out if you like working in 3D for hours on end, and your skills will improve.

Once you get to the point that you have something to show, put a reel together or somehow network. My first freelance job came from just interacting with people online and proving my skills by being one of the better problem solvers. When an online pal needed help with a job, he contacted me. I got another client the same way. And eventually it grew as I had more do show and could apply for more freelance work.

The next honest question you’ll have to ask yourself is do you want to be doing this for the next 5-10 years before it can become full time work? It might take that long. It might be a lot shorter for you. But you should decide early how much dedication you want to give it.

yeah, bill plypmton started drawing at like 30 and he’s one of the most renowed animators out there.
age isnt a limit, it could even be an advantage.
Just do your best work, and put it out there.

thanks all of you! i used to draw a lot when i was younger, then i started playing guitar…music here is not that much of a business…i modeled very occasionally through out all my music experience, i was using maya…but after i heard and tried blender, i enjoyed a lot more modeling, until the point i started considered the “carrier” point of view. thanks again!

It doesn’t matter where you are at, what age you are as long as you can keep doing 3D in your free time. Put enough hours into anything and you can become a pro at it.

Remember to just keep learning and try to keep it interesting for yourself. If you are the kind of person who loves to find out something new about a program each day, you will do fine in the industry. Age doesn’t matter, it is all about your portfolio.

Btw this is coming from a full time freelance CG artist :wink:

Same answer : it doesn’t matter. I started working one year ago (25 now) at a small studio that likes to take on beginners and shape them up to becomes pros - this also has the convenience of paying them a little less that they would be in a bigger studios, but most are ok with it since it’s a fair trade (I know I was). My advice : work, work and work, try to specialize a bit or stay generalist, make a showreel with your best pictures/animations, and go see local studios in Italia. I know it’s not the best country to work in 3D (at least that’s what I heard from an italian friend) but try your luck !


I’m 34, and I definitely have these same sort of insecurities. I get it. I really hope everyone is right, because I definitely feel pretty old.

That said, I do have good prospect, pending funding at a small studio. I definitely think smaller studies that specialize in television or advertising is probably the best way to jump in, especially for those of us with families who cannot really afford the traditional unpaid slave route.

You feel pretty old? Lol man, I started to work in CG when I was almost 45 yo (Big Buck Bunny at the BI has been my starting point), I’m 54 now and I still work in the CG field (but I’m also a freelance illustrator).

About Italy, I’m afraid it’s not the best place to try to find a job in the field now (well, actually in any fields, since a couple of years), but in any case, learn some more software besides Blender, it will help.