Working In VSE??

I have a project that is 8,000 frames, and all have been rendered. However, when I rendered the PNG’s in the VSE to a movie, I’ve discovered I need to “add more time” between a couple of the scenes. There are some images that are actually static for a number of frames, but I don’t know if I can “extend them”…it seemed like “no”?

How do I do that? I’ve tried to add the still image and extend it by 20 secs (480 frames) in the VSE, but that’s not working for me.

HELP! (please)

If you add a single image to the VSE, then grab just the end of the strip, you can then extend that still image to as many frames as needed. I do that for fades to black – place a single black frame, extend it as needed, then keyframe its Opacity to get the fade. When initially placed, a single image is given 26 frames extent, iirc, but there is no limit to how short or long it can be adjusted to, as long as it’s a whole number of frames.

To grab & extend – R click the very end of the strip (a frame number will appear); use Gkey + Numpad value for frames added on the end. Both leading and trailing strip ends can be selected and moved this way.