Working in yafaray

Hi, other work render with yafaray 0.1.2 beta and of course blender 2.63a :wink:

Lighting method: Photon Mapping
Time rendering: 19 hours approx (wips), final image 4 hours approx
Post production: some
Original render size: wips 1620px x 2100px , final image 1080px x 1400px
Bg: hdr

Final image (with changes applied, upload 2012-06-30):

Old Wip Images:

Nice work!
I love the fact that the character is working on himself
It’s kinda an Inception concept :stuck_out_tongue:

Although, he looks a little bit stiff IMO
like it!

nice image.furnitures etc could be more cartoony to match style.

So you had to do 3 renders,The render in the render of this render. :smiley:

We have to go deeper

Overall it looks great, nice textures and composition. The keyboard lacks either illumination or detail, but maybe that is intentional. :slight_smile:

You could achieve lower render times using a better sampling strategy.

Use Additional Samples of at least 2, reduce AA Samples to 2 (unless there is a lot of very fine detail), and lower the Threshold value, then use as many passes as you feel necessary to give a clean image. Using only 2 samples per pixel, the first pass will render quite fast, and subsequent passes will resample only the pixels which differ by the Threshold value. Subsequent passes will sample less pixels each time, thereby reducing the overall render time.

Reducing Pixelwidth will give a sharper looking image, though don’t go below 1.2.

Final Gather bounces is probably a bit high. Samples at 32 possibly is as well, though I didn’t see the test renders. :slight_smile:

Don’t delete yourself - you’ll go into limbo.

Great image, I hope tip from the organic will help you to decrease the render time, because it’s too big.

I’t a well made scene but I don’t agree with the comment about composition. I think all of it is tipping over big time and makes the whole image a lot worse as a result. If you’d balance the composition, tilt the camera, it’d improve significantly in my opinion.

Hi, thanks for the tips (organic and everyone), in this moment i have rendering a new image with some changes and settings, the problem with render time are the particles+material i dont know why is too slow, if render without particles material i win a lot time approx 60%. I upload a new image maybe in 6 hours.

"Don’t delete yourself - you’ll go into limbo.

"jejeje yes, into limbo :wink:

I love this so much. Great work! :smiley:

Blender 2.63a

Thanks, glad u like it

Render in yafaray

Nice work. Is the hair strands or a mesh?

is a mix between mesh and particles, the base (root) is mesh and the rest are particles.

can someone point me to the right way for how i can get yafray to work? i cant check the box in user preference’s addons :frowning:

IMO your scene needs specular highlights, for instance on hair, plastic surfaces, little sculptures, bevels on barnished woods, etc. Well done specular high lights and mirror reflections is what brings life to render works and make them not to look like a game engine render. Game engines don’t like highlights and mirror because they’re viewer dependant, and have to change in real time as the viewer moves.

Tonemap the image if highlights are not strong enough in renders.

great space.