Working mechanism of a pick-up crane

Can anybody help me find good reference images of Indian Cranes (ACE or any other will do) of the front pick up? I am trying to understand the mechanism of this part:

But I don’t understand anything like where is the Wire going? How does the hook part is lowered? by Which wire?

I would really appreciate anyone’s help in this regard.

This is the reference of the hook part:

Basically its a pulley/block 'n tackle system. On a (hydraulic piston driven) telescopic boom.[


Thanks a lot. It helped me a lot! :smiley:

I think the wire is also used to extend the boom:

There’s probably a clutch inside, so the winch does double duty for hoisting and boom control.

based on that diagram looks to me like the wires limit the telescopic translation and likely also work to stabilize the boom while it is the hydraulic piston that extends it. I would expect the motorized lifting wince to be in the back near/between the engine and counterweight.

see slide 8 here: