Working on a Camel

Hi. I’m new here. I’ve been working on a camel. Here’s what I have so far. I think it’s ready for a UV map, but thought if anybody has a couple pointers on modeling of it before I go to the UV mapping, I’d love their input.


Looks really good so far, post a topology link. Are you going to use it for animation?

the front legs look too blocky, only crit i hav

Yes, I am planning on some animation. I’m doing this on some pretty old hardware, and seemingly UV Mapping is bringing my computer it its knees. :frowning:

This is a view of the mesh from the side and from the front. Yes, I agree the front legs do look a bit blocky.


It’s a nice start. Some area’s could use some smoothing out, but ill look forward to future work!

I had some problems with the blend file and sorta dropped the project for a while. I decided to revisit it in order to make a Christmas Card. I think I should revisit the UV map image for camel and tweak the pose I have.

Well, it’s ok.
One tip; Camels don’t have that small feet.
Broademn them.

And can you post a wire?

i might be wrong, but do camels really bend their rear legs as much as in your picture? don’t they mainly move them forward without bending them in the second joint counting from the hip joint, which should be the ankle joint?
while i’m at it: the front leg doesn’t look right either. :wink:
do you have a video as reference? if it is at youtube or somewhere else accessible for everyone, do you mind sharing it with us? now i’m interested :wink:

Chevy, I did make the feet a bit wider.

Walk on Sky, my wife didn’t like it either. When I did some googling on you tube, I did come across a pretty good video of camels walking. When I get around to doing some animating, it will be a good reference.

thanks for the link! hard not to get distracted with this large amount of legs! :wink:

hard not to get distracted with this large amount of legs! :wink:

Agreed. When I look at it, I can’t help but think I have modeled a very fat camel. (do I put her on a diet or put up with it?)

I’m going to work on a walk cycle,but knowing me, it will take some time