Working on a chibi version of myself, need a little help

Here is my progress so far. Below is the original post.

Hey guys! I am working on a chibi version of myself, just for practice. I was modelling after a reference sheet I pulled off the internet and everything was great, but then something weird happened. I applied subsurf to see how would the model look so far, and I didn’t really enjoy what I was seeing. There is weirdness going on with his buttocks and groin area. Any help with this? Why does this happen? I attached the .blend file. Thanks!

PS: This is my second project without a tutorial, and the first real project. Also, for the chibi style character, would you model the hair or use hair particles? A chibi usually is cartoony, so I guess I should model, right?

ChibiCharacter.blend (444 KB)

EDIT: I know the proportions are a bit weird, they don’t match the reference sheet from the front view. I was starting to proportionate it when I decided to test the model with a subsurf and found this.

It looks like you accidentally made some internal faces, that are now binding the outer faces of your mesh. Use hide / reveal ( h and alt h ) in edit mode to hide the upper body so you can look in and see them, then delete.

Thanks a whole lot! I solved that issue. I also realized that I didn’t post a photo of the buttocks. Any idea why they look so weird? I found the face responsible for this, but I can’t delete it, nor the edge that looks to be not necessary, because I delete part of the body, not just a surplus. How could I solve this? Please check the .blend file if you are unsure. I am attaching a new .blend file. Please don’t resolve the problem yourself and then give the file to me, I am interested in learning where I am making mistakes. Thanks!

ChibiCharacter.blend (442 KB)

If you do a side view of the buttocks, you will surely find your answer :wink:

Also, next time you post the file, please pack the reference images in the file. This way we don’t have to guess what shapes are you trying to model.

Ok, I solved the problem. I am sorry about the reference file, I don’t know why I thought it would be saved internally in the project. I uploaded the reference file.

Hello! I am making progress on the chibi character. However, the reference file I am using has no hands, and for this project I wanted to also make him some hands, so I started extruding, subdividing and loopcutting on my own. I have come with this result.

As it can be seen (hopefully), the hands look off. Any advice on how to create better hands? Please remember they don’t have to be photo realistic, as it is a chibi character. However, I feel I can improve them. Please check the .blend file I am attaching and the reference before this post for more information on the model.

I am willing to make any necessary changes. Any advice is welcome. Thanks!

ChibiCharacter.blend (451 KB)

I am done with the head and eyes. I found a problem, however: I have made the head from a cube, so the topology is all wrong. How could I create the desired topology? I am attaching the new .blend file and a picture.

EDIT: I am sorry I created a second post instead of editing the first. It was done by mistake. I don’t seem to be able to delete posts?

EIDT 2: I am encountering problems when creating the lips. Any advice? I used sculpting to create the nose. Also, I was unsure of how to make the teeth, so I made them as simplistic as possible. They are chibi teeth and I couldn’t find 3d chibi characters smiling online. Any advice is welcome. Thanks!

ChibiBaseModelCopy.blend (4.75 MB)


ChibiBaseModel.blend (619 KB)

put two more loop cuts around each elbow and one for each knee for proper deformation.