working on a model (from a video tut) but i got problems


i am folowing diffrent video tutorials and i have a problem
this is the tutorial i am trying to make

but if you look at the video you see that the part (where the glowing stripes has to be)
is a diffrent part than the ball himself
(he use 3 materials if i looked good)
a plane / the ball / and the stripes that need to glow

but when dont know how to have the ball and the stripes on a difrent material
right now in my file its the ball with the stripes inside
and the ball looks blocky (and when i use smooth i get a strange effect )
this is my file

i hope anyone can help me so i can continue on the tutorial

Your model looks fine. Smooth really only has a passable effect when the angle between faces is less than 90 degrees. Those insets in your sphere are separated from the rest of the sphere by a 90 degree angle. This will cause some funkyness when you try to smooth it without also using the Edge Split modifier.

ok and how do i make the stripes a difrent material so i can give it another texture ?
because that still is a problem with me :s

o hey thanx it finally worked :slight_smile: now just the textures

New to Blender myself but I think I can answer the texture question. While you have the Material panel up, switch to edit mode and you’ll see some new buttons appear. In the viewport select the faces you wish to have a different material. Then in the material panel select the material you want (or create the material) and click ‘Assign’. The selected faces will then be assigned the new material.

hey it almost is done but i stil dont have the glow effect that he has this is my model now (i dont know why i cant get he nice glow like he does :s)

i hope anyone can tell me what i did wrong

can anyone tell why i dont have that glow effect like he has in his tutorial ?

In your nodes you need to connect the Glare node to the Composite node. If you want Indirect lighting you also need to change the Gather (in the World settings) from Raytrace to Approximate.

hey thanx it worked but about the nodes can you explain what it all means ? i still dont understand that part

For the node setup you have

thanx for the video :slight_smile:
how do you now where you have to connect all the nodes ? and wich one you need to use ? is there a good tutorial where they explain that?