Working on a musical animation

Started my first animation. A piano figure musicbox will play by itself in a dark forest (mononoke hime style)
I think some godrays will help but can’t find a way yet. Any ideas??

Here’s what I’d suggest: “for now, park(!) the probably very-good idea of god-rays.” Write it down in your journal, add it to your to-do list, then park it. :slight_smile:

Who knows, this very-good-idea might not see the light of day until “Release 3.0” of your video – and, that’s actually okay. Capture the idea, add it to the overall project plan … "carefully document where this ‘rabbit hole’ is located, then don’t(!) fall into it … yet!" Another rabbit, another day. Meanwhile, keep moving.

I sense that you have latched onto an idea that is going to be awesome(!), with or without the god-rays. :+1: Go ahead and “defer the god-rays to the next release.”

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