working on a nice noob space pic

(adyus) #1

yaaay! My first space composition! I only need one thing to make it good enough to show: a nice hi-resolution earth texture. I’ve searched google for an hour. Could anyone point me to a link or post it here? I’m interested in a REALLY detailed picture, as for a close-up with the earth’s atmosphere…you get my idea(I hope)

I need HELP!!!

(S68) #2

I can’t recall the address by hart, but if you search in Q&A it was a question which arose often (and was answered often too)


(Ecks) #3

try to search ofr a NASA site on google, they have some 2024x2024 screen shot of earth.

(Atariman) #4

If you are looking for a supper high res image of the earth, go to for your images. They have it all from bump maps to high res color images.

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(adyus) #5

Atariman, you said a mouthfull. I never saw images at 8000x4000 pixels!!! This is Exactly what I needed. Thanks everyone! Check back soon for updates.