Working on a short effective guide using brushes in PS. (feed back welcome)

Blender world,

We hold the record in blender for having the most active and supportive community. It seems we are increasing our input and thoughts every day!

In that spirit I have been working on a few ideas for using a resource out there that seems untapped by the avg blender user.

 I made this texture Alpha and Color map out in less that 1 min. Its sized for a 1 to 1 ration of the window. The window itself is not the subject, but the glass. What I would like is feed back if this is of interest or not.

The alpha Color Dif

Dirty window look in a warehouse or chalkboard. Could even use this with a wall texture you anything skys the limit here.

I have documents on the following thus far:

               Window writing in dirt and dust ( hence this) 
               Hand on a cold glass effect ( Ie you place your hand on a cold car window and it leaves that distant hand print ) 
                Frozen window
                Rainy window ( no molding needed great effect 2-3 min tops for a custom look every time )
                Horror art ( details left out for the faint of heart lol ) 

I would just like to know if blender peeps are interested in learning how to use free additions to PS and Gimp to make these kinds of textures before a spend another week on this project. I prolly will anyway as its working out well.

Please let me know,

Feel free to use these textures anyway you want, free to the public! please drop me line if you do though :slight_smile:

Leave a comment thats great
Hit me up on twitter jeffreywvgd ( fastest way to get ahold of me) 
Email [email protected]


After some issues uploading,

Here is the window I wanted to have linked in the post, Also here is the node setup


I was trying a bit ago to make a somewhat grimy window, and was a bit unsure of how to tackle it, in terms of both texturing and materials. If you would post your method, I certainly would check it out.

@ Andvari - thats the idea, I will and the idea is getting you to a point after reading that you can thus make your own. Thanks for the feed back. Time line is 1-2 weeks for the first lesson to come out. Do you use PS, gimp or neither? Thanks again

GIMP, mostly. Though I am proficient in PS, I lack a personal copy, but I can follow along in either.