Working on a swamp goblin animation!

Any advice or pro tips would be greatly appreciated!

Notes: For the first render I used a 2 point lamp light source, the second render I used an additional lamp light source, and I actually used a 5 point lamp light source for the bottom render! I hope that’s illuminating and what-not. Peace!

Looks pretty good, but it’s hard to tell without wireframe shots. And it’s just a thought, but they look kinda shiny. I can’t tell if they’re wearing armor or not, which would explain some of that, but if that’s their skin, I’d lower the specular.

It also might look cool if you apply a cloud texture to simulate dirt and grime on them. If you make it act as a bump map, specular map, and a stencil for a grime texture, it might look good. That way, their armor/skin would still shine, but only where they don’t have dirt.

However, I’m still pretty new to Blender, so I defer to whoever else responds, as they probably have better ideas :stuck_out_tongue:

Why are your lights so close to the ground? Also, it still isn’t very well lit, there are parts of it which are black. I recommend adding a hemi lamp with low intensity if you want a low lighting. At least that way, everything gets at least a little light.

Also, your textures are too low resolution, on the floor and especially on the rocks. Also what texture mapping are you using on the goblins? It doesn’t look like you even unwrapped them.

Also, are the goblins even a single mesh? It looks like they’re a bunch of overlapping shapes or something. Try to retopo them by creating a new mesh and using shrinkwrap modifier to make something in the same general shape which is a single mesh with decent topology. Of course, then you’d have to completely retexture them.

Finally, what is going on with these weird camera angles? why is the camera tilted? rather disorienting.

I hope I wasn’t too harsh, I was just giving the best advice I could. Good luck.