Working on a Thanksgiving Project

I’ve decided to make a 3D scene for this years Thanksgiving Card. The scene will include both pilgrims and Native Americans, but the faces will look like specific people from my office.
I’ve been looking into what would be the easiest way to accomplish this. I’m currently attemmpting to do the texturing in Poser 7, but it is a laborious process with results that are often unpredictable. I’ve also considered producing the Human figures using makehuman, but I don’t know how to texture and mold the faces to make them look like the people they are supposed to represent; a function that poser seems to be particularly good at, if frustratingly difficult to tweak.
Either way, the output from Poser 7 and Makehuman doesn’t seem to flow into blender very well, and I’d like to build the final scene in blender, because I know the interface so much better than either of the aforementioned programs.
I know somebody out there has tried this, and from what I can tell I have to build the rig in blender after I import the objects, but I think there should be an easier way.
Does anyone have any ideas?

There is a program called “It’s Me”.

It was designed for putting photos on 3d faces and making cutie pie card kind of stuff.
I’m not sure if it has evolved enough to export to other apps, however.
It may help you out…?