Working on Blender tutorials for Youtube, need soom feedback!

Here’s the deal, I’ve been working on several tutorials for a Youtube series that focus on helping new Blender users progress from the absolute basics to the more advanced options that Blender packs within.

Below I have have embedded the first in that series of tutorials, and i need some feedback before I start making the video’s public. (they are unlisted atm)

1.) The Mic is a but grainy at times, which i have since fixed in future videos, im just wondering if it is a distraction and should be redone.

2.) Is it easy to follow?

3.) Did i leave anything out? Remember I’m doing these video’s for beginners who know absolutely nothing about the program!

5.) Resolution seems quite good to me (especially in 720p) but are there any parts where I should zoom in a bit to emphasize the point?

4.) Be brutal if need be! I want to do this right.

Thank you ahead of time.