Working on female

Hi everyone, i need your help because every time i start modeling something, i fail and i didnt finish the project. So now i need help to finish this one first here is the body to see how it is going

Here is some photos of the face

Now here is the problem ,dont know how to attach the nose to the face without makeing it mess.

Here is the second problem the eye looks weird to me and dont know how to fix it

and i didnt finished the face but is the topology ok

Thx to every one who helps :smiley:

you have the basic shape, so why not finish off the hands and feet then use it as a sculpting base, then retopo it.
(edit) I can’t really wrap my head around the eye issue, but I usually stick a sphere in there as an eyeball, so I can use it for reference when making the lids.

I haven’t watched you work, but from looking at the topography, it seems like the main difficulty is you are working small to large, that is, you are trying to get little things like the eyes and nose worked out first, then attempting to fit them together into a face. I suspect the same thing is happening on the body as well.

So, your proportions are off in subtle ways that will be difficult to identify and difficult to fix, and, once you move away from the detail features, your good topology runs away and hides. You have triangles, n-gons, poles in odd places with too many edges… Since you are modeling your female in the classic T position, you obviously plan to rig and pose her, but you will get some awful deformations that will be hard to hide when you get to the posing stage.

I’d suggest you chalk this one up to experience and start over, only next time making sure the large forms and large topology loops are in place before moving on to the smaller details. Or, as Modron suggests, use it as a sculpting base and retopologize the finished sculpture.

Are you using reference images? If not, use reference images.

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I started over as you suggested me and here are the results

The topology is a little bit better than the last one that is my opinion so you should say.
but still have some weird shapes , I am focused on the face for the moment. Going for realistic face but it is not.
And it is going weird when i switch to perspective view.


All right. Good start. My guess is you are doing most of your vert pushing when you are in orthographic front or side view. This gives the face a sort of blocky shape that isn’t exactly realistic. The face has planes, for sure, but they are not all parallel to the front or side view.

Try working in an ‘off view’. You can get some photos of women’s heads and paste them on planes, so you can see them when you aren’t in front or side view (unlike background images). Get some that are 1/4 or 3/4 views, or looking up or down. Then adjust your view so you are looking at the mesh from the same direction, and try moving verts around that way.

Also, close up camera shots are always perspective view. They only seem orthographic when they are take with a telephoto lens from a long distance away.

Are you using reference photos?

Yes i am using reference photos only for the front and side view (someone was mached them )
so this is what i get in perp

To me is a little bit weird but from distance is not bad. :smiley:

It’s hard to gauge proportions when you have only modeled the face and not the entire skull. It appears there are three main problems with the face:

  1. the cheekbones seem to have a peak near the nose rather than toward the outer side of the face
  2. the lips don’t seem to curve around the teeth
  3. the forehead seems to come to a peak in the middle

Not to quibble, but it seems you are using drawings rather than photographs. Actual photo references are pretty hard to find on the web, unless you get a subscription to 3DSK.

ok looks like i will start all over again i found these photos and i tried to aline them in photoshop (the otherones was drawings but alinged)

Before you begin with those (congratulations on finding them, I know it’s not easy) you might want to paste them onto a larger canvas and sketch in the outline of the complete skull, especially on that side view. Wikipedia has a pretty good drawing of a skull you can use for reference.

Could you give me picture for reference what should i get ?

Maybe this one could be useful for you :
(click for the full size)

It was some reference pictures that was linked for a tutorial years ago, can’t remember the original link unfortunately.

Here is the side view and here is the front view. These are both public domain, so feel free to download them and use them as a photoshop layer to give yourself a reference for drawing in the skull outlines that are missing in your photos.

It probably won’t be an exact match, since skulls do vary somewhat between different individuals, but it will be close.

Here is an update :smiley:

Is the topology ok?

You still have some issues with the muzzle loop. When you pose the face, either for stills or animation, your topology needs to be able to support this:

As you can see, when someone smiles, interesting things happen to the face around the mouth

The important peaks (green) and valleys (red) of the naso-labilial folds (smile lines) are shown here. (those small inner peak and valley are more pronounced the older your character is. They don’t start showing up until the mid twenties on most faces, and are VERY pronounced on the elderly.)

To make these happen, your muzzle loop (red) needs to be lower on the chin, and your mouth loops (green) need to go up to just under the nose, and you’ll need more of them. Now, at the corners of the mouth, the mouth loops will get a little crowded, but that’s just the nature of the beast. During a smile, there is a lot going on at the corners of the mouth.

On another subject: providing images with and without subsurf doesn’t add much to the information you’re giving us on the topology. I find the subsurfed image easier to read. If you include more than one image (which I highly recommend), I’d like to see a front view, a side view and a 3/4 view.

Thx Orinoco I will work on this and post some pictures soon .

Here if you want I will upload more .
I tried to do something with the mouth area but end up with a lot of ngons . I tried i lot but i couldn’t . Tell me if it is ok or not

Here I marked the spots that i am worried about .