Working on offset faces

Greetings, is it possible to constrain operations to a face that is not parallel to either x or y axis?

select the face
ctrl+shift+c to define a custom orientation
use the 3d transform manipulator to move things about relative to the defined face

Thanks a lot.

Hi again, my problem is that I would like to extrude an edge on the offset face I am working on. The manipulator does not show up when extrude is selected so the extrusion can not be constrained to the offset plane.

use the manipulator to see which direction you want to extrude. for example if you want to extrude normally away from the face, that may be the blue direction (which is Z) on the manipulator. hit E then ZZ. the double Z means "relative to the current orientation.

Great, thanks a heap it was the double hit that I was clueless about.