Working on Retopology

I just finished the retopology of the head of Big Jack (available in Zbrush test files).


Original Sculpt :

Retopology :

( Any mirror, 3365 faces :confused: )

I’m practicing more and more the topology of complex objects as I’m slowly learning how to draw …

Give me some feedbacks

Happy Blndr !

i guess you enabled wire on the object settings and rendered it in OpenGL? maybe you should also enable “draw all edges”, because right now it looks like you have alot of Ngons, but i guess it’s just not showing up, because the areas are too flat (so they dont show up on the render)
So right now it’s hard for me, to tell if it’s alright. But what i can say for sure is that the edgeflow of the left eyebrow looks better than the right one.

In my opinion, the topology is too uniformly distributed. In case of a posed asymmetric model, you probably don’t care about loops all that much, because I assume it won’t be animated, but the density of your mesh should reflect the amount of details. So you would have extra loops around the creases and details, and reduce the amount of loops as much as possible elsewhere.

When you retopo a detail, you want the edge to follow maximum and minimum height of it, this way subdiv will extrapolate the detail most nicely.

Try subdividing this on flat shading, and see if you have areas where you get a flat surface with a lot of edges spilling into it, this shouldn’t happen. You’ll also see ‘nests’ where you have wrongly placed tris or ngons, or 5+ edge verts. Mesh usually pinches around those places.

UNLESS this mesh is not meant to be subdivided further, then imho you should ditch quads and go tris on it. Gets you closer to the GPU :slight_smile: