Working on scene with wooden box(update at bottom)

Hey, still seems a little boring as scenes go. I have an idea of the direction for it. In the end I will probably get rid of the blue thing :wink: . Version:

Please give crits/advice and let me know what you think so far:)


lighting is harsh. table top needs a texture.

composition isn’t balanced.

camera angle is wierd. i don’t want to see that thin sliver of floor visible over the table top - it makes the table’s position in space ambiguous. use overlap to make the table’s position in space clear.

the objects don’t relate to each other. i don’t know what this piece is about.

parquet flooring is ugly. nothing to do with your rendering - parquet flooring is always ugly. can you find another floor texture?

what kind of light source is that supposed to be? what kind of room is it? what time of day? are there any windows?

Well, what ^ said is right :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, I’m really fond of the wooden box and its texture.
The coffe cup and blue thingy have good materials too.
I’ll be waiting to see more of this one :slight_smile:

Ok, and on top of what has been said, the scale of the box seems really off. You would need tweezers to open the latch. When I saw you posted the box in the finished forums earlier, I had the impression it was a chest large enough for a person to sit on…

Pretty good piece of work. My only comment would be that the table legs seem different. One is highly detailed and others are not. I acutally like the floor texture.

I actually think they’re all the same, it’s just because of the angle of the taple top, the detail is only visible on the nearest one. The table top hides the detail of the others.

I changed the image quite a bit. I think that a lot of people will be able to appreciate this. Please let me know anything that can to be improved. I will eventually get real handwriting for the paper. Larger version

I like the box, but, man, that’s some black coffee! And that dollar bill must have come right off the printing press. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good job.


Small update, added stains to the dollar and made it look less printer press and added some foam to the coffee. I will eventually have real handwriting on the paper instead of the jenkins font.

Aristotle - Here is an image of the box I am referencing. Just a small box.

Any advice on lighting, colors, things to add to the scene would be appreciated.

Real handwriting for the note.

Crits appreciated.

No crits at all :frowning: Is it good, bad? I wish that I knew, comments would be really great. I don’t want to post it in finished projects if it is…unfinished. I am sure everyone who sees this finds things that I never even knew about.

Sorry, have been being lazy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Right, some crits. For what the scene is it’s very nice, though I think the scene is perhaps a little simple.

Nice modelling, and the texturing is good too, particularly the wooden box and bank note. The paper seems too flat imo, an edge should be lifted up or something, or just a hint of a shadow under one side, paper never lies that flat to a table. It looks like there’s a little shadow on the right side of the page, that needs to be made just a bit bigger imo.

Lighting is good, and I like the foam on the coffee. It’s pretty much finished imo, not much left to crit.

Thanks aquaglow!!!

I agree that the note is a too flat. I did try to raise the bottom right corner as you saw but not enough. As for the message, I am having someone rewrite it to seem a little meaner. I think a less friendly note really adds to the depression behind this. Thanks again for the help on this :smiley:

P.S. My girlfriend is not like this, just an idea I got because I work part-time in an office and I can see a lot of office cronies waking up to something like this.

Maybe use some sort of really light noise texture or something for both paper objects. Paper is really not that smooth. And the money could use more deformation and more of a tattered edge (less crisp, anyway).

All else looks great!