Working on textures

What you think ? C&C please

looks like its a brass monkey head, dont know what your going for there…

Don’t worry about the monkey, just the texture. Obviously I think once someone can tell me what type of texture it is that I’m going for, I will have it right.

I did a re render with the light in a better direction, let me know if you see anything different.

Tell me, what makes you think it’s a brass texture. ?

I think it looks like a slightly blotchy skin texture, looks fairly good. Would be interesting to see it on a mesh of a human face/hand/arm or something, some pore would add to the realism. If that’s what your after, of course.


What textures would make good pores ?

Hmm, bit shiny.

I think you should get another model if your serious. Even if you completely nailed the texture I dont think i’d be able to tell as it wouldn’t look right having a skin monkey head. It’s like having a skin airplane… that wouldn’t make sense either.

the reason i said it looked brass, was from the way it reflected ligtht, the lights angle, my view angle(on my lcd… stupid laptops) and it looked a lot like the pennies you bronze coat in chem class, kinda blotchy, like worn metal, i agree with using a different mesh. for pores, idont think that procedurals can really do it, maybe using noise could get there, but an image based texture would look much better.

Have you tried working with stucci noise with wall in for pores? I have gotten some ok effects playing around with that.

Ok, I took your advice, don’t know much about pores so I hope it looks correct, any other suggestions ?