Working on Tire Tracks in GE... Need help.

I’m creating a script to change the way tire tracks are set into onto a field based on the vehicle’s change of direction. So far, I have a few ideas on how I would do it. Either I will alter the vertices within the mesh, or use an armature, or I might even use multiple (but different) planes with different shapes.

I really would like to alter the vertices in the mesh, which probably would be cleaner and easier to alter at will. Is there a tutorial on how to do this within a script?

I’m trying to fix the over-lapping between two track meshes…

No one knows? If not, does anyone know where to get a script that create tire tracks?

There was one a while back on blenderartists, i’ll have a look


That one has the same problem. If you apply a UV to the tracks, you’d be able to see the same problem. Thanks anyway.

I’m just going to work on the script some more. If it works properly, I’ll post it as a resource…but this may take a while lol.