Working on VN project, need pointers to models

New to Blender, and only have limited 3D modeling experience in general. I produce Visual Novels (an example can be DL’d from my website), and usually am working more with 2D art and photography.

However, for my next Visual Novel, I need to have so many characters in so many poses, that I’m considering working with a 3D environment so I can get backgrounds and characters that match.

As such, I’m looking for pointers to any free (preferably) or paid models that are Blender compatible that would allow me to generate several different teenaged boys and girls - some of whom are handicapped. So a good wheelchair and a good walker model will also be necessary. Finally, since the setting is at a camp, any models that would make a decent looking forest and cabin (figure if I have the basics I can customize to make several different looks) will also be necessary.

I hope I’ve posted this in the right place, and that I’m not asking for too much out of my naivety.

Thanks again, and look forward to talking with y’all further,

Maybe this would work?

That certainly looks interesting, particularly for creating the characters. But unless I’m misreading their site, you then use a different rendering tool - which means I’d still have to create the environment in one tool, and then setup the characters in that tool. Or is there some way to use those models in Blender and I’m just too new at all this to see it?

Thanks for the pointer, at the very least that gives me an option for the characters! Now to figure out the forest and cabin :smiley:

You kan easily import the models in blender, look in both wiki’s.

You export the character from Make Human as an .obj file and import it into Blender. Do everything else in Blender.

Be warned, MakeHuman is o.k. for bodies but the faces it makes are ghastly. You will have to remodel them in Blender, and parts of the bodies. It is a great tool for roughing out a bunch of bodies quickly though.

You’ll also have to spend time developing textures and shaders, otherwise you’ve just got a big nasty piece of plastic.

Here’s what I’ve done with Make Human (the female head is by one of my team mates, not MakeHuman):

We could probably come to an arrangement where my team could provide the characters and other 3D elements, but art is my job too and I can’t give it away for free.:smiley:

Well, art isn’t my job, but I understand that folks have to make a living. Please feel free to email or PM me with a quote (or what you’d need to know to make a quote). I’m more into storytelling than creating art, and so assuming I can afford it, would rather buy what I need than kill a couple months creating it.


Hi Ewan,

Not trying to put you off using Blender, but getting human models in is just the first step of a huge endeavour. I had a quick look at your stuff, have you considered moho (now called anime studio) although its not a free program it may be what you need. Basically you can animate vector art with it, using bones. I imagine it would fit with the style you currently have.

Same problem set. There are only a couple of base characters, and even looking through Renderosity (which REALLY needs a better search engine), it would be difficult for me to put together a cast of characters, let alone the animal spirits, and the campground background.

I was “hoping” I could find one of the engines out there that had most of the characters and props I needed either free, or at a cheap enough price that I could afford to buy them, and concentrate on learning how to pose and render rather than draw and model. I’m beginning to think I’m just a little too far off center with my story to do that.

Thanks for the suggestion,