working place - simple interior scene

this is simple interior scene, rendered with blender internal renderer.

Blender Internal?! coulda fooled me! looks awesome!

whats the lighting setup like? nice materials!

here is a snapshot

looks really nice and clean. good job. only thing is maybe the shadows for the chair etc are a bit harsh, but that just my opinion.

So nice.

Im bwildered.

Wow, internal!

I really tought it was Yafaray.

Great job.

This is very well done with BI !!


looks great,

u must be kidding me~~~ mind to show your render and shade details? this looks just wawo!

Fantastic!! I wish i could render like that on internal!

Very good image! Did you use 3ds Max or Zbrush or Vray for it?

I think someones having a bad day. Beautiful work, love the chair and the flowers especially. I’m not surprised by the internal render, IMO it is the best available. Internal gets critiscized all the time for not being photorealistic, but you have shown as many others have in the past that used properly it can reproduce anything. Additionaly, the internal renderer adds that happy, better-than-reality feeling that cg is all about. Again, just my opinion, if I want real, I use a camera, 3d is about fantasy perfection.

im pretty sure that was humour, ie. see what you can pull off without those commercial apps?

BI is powerful enough if you know how to set up lights and know how to get the result you want (look back a couple years at all the lighting fakes and things people did to get photoreal stuff back then). i partially agree with the photoreal point, however sometimes it is a tad difficult to take a photo of something that doesn’t exist. your “fantasy perfection” can live within the fantastic environment/model/scene that is depicted while the photorealistic medium can actually heighten the trip (ie. impossible scenarios depicted as real). in that sense making something abnormal look real is quite rewarding.

i agree in the sense that non-photoreal representation can give otherwise so-called normal and mundane things a new perspective.

all in all, i dont think the photoreal vs. non-photoreal debate is even worth having as each has its purpose and to each their own.

that said, i love the look and feel of this image and mad props for doing it in BI.