working SWF export !

I have made a start on a working SWF export. It uses rebol and a flash library to create the SWF. This is the very first alpha!!! version so don’t expect miracles. Currently it has:

  • support for multiple objects
  • view from camera plus support for lens values
  • material colors for fill
  • 3 and 4 vertice polygons
  • back face culling
  • rebol/flash supports up to flash MX

What it needs:

  • gui
  • more error handling
  • animation export…doing that now
  • hidden line removal
  • better handling of 3 and 4 vertice poly

The resulting SWF can import into FlashMX no problem. It ends up as a group so you can split into individual faces no problem. 3 vertice polys are not handled very well with things like sphere and cylinder. The code needs a good rendering algorithm to output to vector format.

Feel free to modify and change anything to make it better. Its pretty rough but my first real attempt at python programming.

Thanks to teeth for vector functions. Saved me writing and then testing for bugs my own routines.

See for details: go to swf export

SO Great !
I’m going to try it right now.

A swf export was exactly what i needed !

-Thanks you-