Working textures cannot be viewed or edited.

Blender 2.68a
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
i7 920 cpu
560 ti cuda

I’m having an issue where I’ve applied multiple textures to an object and they are working well. After saving the project and opening it back up the textures can no longer be viewed or selected in the Properties > Textures > Textures with the correct object selected. The textures do not show up in the node editor either. They do show up in the outliner though. Attempting to select them via the outliner does nothing.

There is a texture listed for the object named ‘Texture’ and removing it causes the last texture added to be removed from the object/render/outliner.

This scene was created using Andrew Price’s ‘Create a Realistic Earth’ tutorial.

Workaround: Disabling “Use shader nodes to render material”. I am able to make changes to the textures and then re-enable “Use shader nodes to render material”. When I download Andrew Price’s example blend file it works without having to toggle “Use shader nodes to render material”.