working tree generator for Blender 2.54


does anybody know of a tree generator which works with Blender 2.54?

but better yet that someone get hands dirty with integrating - the source code can be requested

I would make the trees in 2.49b, with the tree script, or l-sytem script, then import to 2.54 …

I have used Arbaro a tree generator written in java for years in my architectual renderings. It outputs a obj file complete with uv mapping which I import in 2.49

Don’t know how well 2.54 imports obj files as I’m still a 2.49 guy.


Good luck,

And that’s why I read all of the comments. I’ve been looking for a simple tree generator for 2.49. Thank you!

I remember the dev for lsystem indicating that they were developing for 2.5, but they may be waiting for a official Blender release.


oh man thank you so much!


I’ll second using arbaro – and I import its OBJs with 2.54, no problems. Read the instructions that come with it, you won’t be sorry!

I downloaded “something”… The folder contains plenty of xml files (?)… :eek:
How is that to be used?
As it is Java, is it supposed to work on OSX too? :o


just start the java app icon

in presets are some well presets

the manual should be read first since this app is pretty hefty

Some work has begun on the Blender 2.5 l-system trees, I think the api is stable enough to port it over soon. :slight_smile:
Also inderway is a python port of the ivy generator code for Blender 2.5
Already the code is looking very good :slight_smile:

drooool, ivy!

i love playing games sitting on my chair LOL
What sections do you visit most:
I recommend pirate omen It’s fast to play, easy to learn,

:confused::eyebrowlift2: OK… OK…! It opened… Amusingly strange and mathematicly thought UI, though! :yes:
Made a test tree, but couldn’t see the result… :o My fault: not used to such a way of doing things. A mix between the very first UI of computer industry and an old MacOS9 look… I’m looking forward for a more 2.5 Blender integration! You can be sure i’m serious! :rolleyes:

Arbaro is pretty good indeed but when I need 3d trees I tend to use ngPlant. Not as straight forward but gives in my opinion more control over the plant you’re modeling. Weird that it hasn’t been mentioned yet. More info:

Very powerful software when you know how to use it. Append new branch, modify it, add another branch, modify, add new branch and convert it to stem model etc. Mousewheel = zoom, MMB = rotate, shift+MMB = pan. You can find some examples created with ngPlant from Yorik’s blender greenhouse (

Just made an excellent Palm Tree via Arbaro ! Thanks Greybeard.