Working under pressure: The Tanning Bed Coffin

I work for the Kennesaw State University newspaper, The Sentinel, as a production assistant. This means I do all the layout for a section. I just so happen to have the Arts and Living section of the paper. I get to flex some artistic muscle working on newspaper layout. it’s fun. I try to use Blender whenever possible.

This was one of those times.

We had a story this week, about whether or not to tan. it was kind of short for the space we had, and we didn’t have any graphics.

what did i do? I hopped into Blender. two hours later, I had this done, and it isn’t too bad.
A tanning bed coffin. And then, I went into photoshop to convert it to greyscale for use in InDesign. it’s a bit lighter because the most wonderful Star, our printing company, runs things a bit darker:

Later on, I came to find out that the writer didn’t have enough sources, so we had to cut the article this issue. BUT it’ll be in print next week, so by next tuesday night, I’ll be able to post up the in-print version.

This is one or my best speed jobs. tell me what you think.

The lighting looks a bit flat, put some glow to it.

try using a photosourced wood texture, what you have just now is wavy plastic 70’s stuff.

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