working w/cycles my mixShader node is not showing up.

Hello all, am more normally into modelling. But wanted to get used to the compositor and cycles.
I selected the main body of the object. created a material switch from diffuse to mixShader.
but when I went to the compositor the node for it wont show up?

How do i get it. I manage to get the node for the entire scene. But right now what i want to do is create the metallic material for the sextant
thank you all

Click on shader nodes.

Hi Blenderallday, and thank you, but… I had already tried that. But even though i have the specific object and material selected i get a node for the entire scene. Not just the material I wish to affect.

The shader nodes is the 3rd icon (red and white circle). Hover your mouse over and read the tooltips

Dead on thank you Richard that brought up the current material node for that object!
Fantastic today i can just blender for a couple of more hours. This should make that time a bit more productive!