Working with characters trying to build a story plzcriticize my work help me grow

Good start, for future reference, you should put this in the focused critique section, rather than finished projects if you’re looking for feedback.

Anyways, im tired and my eyes are blurry, but right off the bat, I’d say, add some variance to the ground plane, earth is pretty much never 100% flat like that. some variance in tree size would help too. It looks like they’re rotated maybe? but they all definitely look like one asset repeated. Adding a couple more species of grass/weeds/flowers would be benefecial, as well as some variance in height on all those. the grass looks wild yet is perfectly uniform in distribution, scale, and color.
the scene may also benefit from some things in the far background, like a building, or mountain range, or clouds, or all of the above.
Also, some “medium” plants between grass and tree could help too, just some little bushes or something. Maybe some rocks here and there, a bench, or walking path through presumably the park.

One last thing on landscaping, Usually the area around trees is a little elevated, from the dirt being pushed up by roots. In a city park, they’ll usually have little circles around the tree where they’ve prevented grass from growing so that the tree can get more water.

Okay, on to the character. The first things I notice, is that she is suuuuuper shiny, like she’s made of plastic or wax or something. Id add some roughness to her skin, and maybe take down the specular some, add a little subsurface scattering if it isnt already present.
Her sweater is also really really shiny like plastic too. Id add a high roughness, low specular, and raise the sheen up pretty good on it, maybe even to 2.

The pose feels very stiff, symmetrical and robotic. She looks more like she’s consciously making sure to grip a steering wheel with both hands while taking her drivers test.

Don’t be afraid to rotate things a little weird, humans arent always perfect with their posture. Let her shoulder joints come forward, let her lean up against the tree properly, have one leg out more than the other, actually rest her arms on her legs in her lap. If you gotta, grab a book, set your camera on a timer, and go sit comfortably against a tree in the park, and use that as reference. If you cant get to a park/tree right now because of quarantine, thats fine, you can do it indoors, but maybe scatter some dirty laundry down first so you get something closer to the unevenness you might have out doors.

I hope that helped, and I hope you keep working on it!

edit: oh, some more details could be some falling leafs, dead leafs on the ground, and twigs.

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Thanks soo much this i will work as you say… And thank you :pray::two_hearts:

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