Working with custom properties in rigs.

I’ve been playing with the Pantin rig and Sintel rig and am wondering how they are able to set up rig properties with sliders and checkboxes to drive constraints and shape keys. Such techniques are used extensively in Maya rigging, but to achieve a similar result in Blender I’ve always had to clutter my rigs up with floating bones to drive my constraints and shape keys. Does anyone have information on how this kind of setup works? Does it require scripting? Has this functionality ever existed in Blender 4.29 builds?
-Mike O

The custom properties you speak of are done by scripting in those rigs, both characters have scripts. The scripts also do other things, footroll for example. I think it can be done without scripting, but haven’t tried it yet, read this:


Edit: I have seen some rigs in 2.49 where a separate window had the controls for say the facial controls, but I never looked into how it was done, and it wasn’t widely used…

Thanks! That was exactly what I was looking for. The 2.49 rigs with the separate windows are pretty much an image plane with bones stuck to it with a camera pointing at it, all floating somewhere in space. Always felt sloppy and time-consuming to set up.