Working with high fps video

Hi, I am trying to use blender to edit videos generated with virtualdub at 480 fps, and firstly, blender doesn’t seem to support framerates above 120fps, and secondly, the video is much shortert than the audio, which suggests that it is removing frames somehow, because if all of the frames were present and played at 48 fps, I assume it would just be 10 times slower. Is it purely the framerates that are messing blender up, or does blender not support the .avi files produced by virtualdub?

I know that only Weta Digital makes 48 fps videos, the other render, animate and composite-edit at 24 frames. Anyway human eye doesn’t need 480 fps video, high frame rate in gaming is a different story.

Wow I actually forgot that I made this thread, thanks for the reply, but it doesn’t really solve my problem- I know the standard for animation is 24 fps, but I was hoping to use blender to edit video game footage rendered at 480 fps because rendering at 480 fps allows for slow motion and makes the movie generally more smooth when it comes to rendering at 24/30/60 fps. I know blender is probably not the easiest way to make frag videos, but this this is the only real problem I have encountered with using blender as a video editor.

Try setting the Blender frame rate to the footage frame rate before you import it. The audio adopts Blender’s frame rate instead of the footage it is associated with.

That’s the problem, as far as I can tell, blender’s max framerate is 120fps