Working with Huge Image Sequence Counts


Short and quick background; I’ve been producing virtual choirs since 2009. I started in After Effects, but moved to Blender a couple years ago. I’ve been working with 60 - 100 or so sets of images sequences. The response time in viewport shader mode has been quite slow, but I’m afraid of how bad this is going to be with my upcoming project in which there will be 550+ image sequences in one scene.

I purpose built an $8000 PC to handle these big projects but I still had slow responsiveness in the viewport with shader view enabled. What can I do to improve responsiveness in the viewport? Proxies, hardware upgrades, image type for image sequences, something else?

Here are some specs of the computer I use:

Aorus Xtreme TRX40 Motherboard
AMD Threadripper 3960x (24c/48t)
256GB Memory
4x NVMe Drives, Raid 0
4x Nvidia RTX 2070 Super

I’m not sure if Blender is optimized for workflows like that.
You might want to try something outside Blender, (free) DaVinci Resolve maybe?

Even After Effects is a pain when dealing with large image sets when I was still using it back in the day.
Not to mention the never ending opening and closing of layer properties…

But I haven’t really used Blender in this capacity, so I might be wrong here.

Oh… I hardly think it’s your hardware in this case, sound a bit beefier than most people use here :wink:

Hi Scottie,

Might need more info. Are you referring to VSE performance. I’ve only dealt with smaller sequences so don’t have too much I can help with. You might find something useful within this thread though hopefully:

I’m seeing a call for fixing the proxy system in Blender so you may not be alone in trying to work with this.

You may be already familiar with these but these may help also:

Cheers and good luck!

No, not the VSE, actual image textures in Blender. I’m wondering what the best way to find bottle necks is. My CPU usage is pretty low. Could it be my ram speed? Could it be my GPU? One of my GPUs is about maxed out on VRAM, but the others aren’t reporting any VRAM usage.