working with photoshop

im having trouble getting a great picture out of blender. i think i am missing some steps. what i did first was render a jpeg and then brought that jpeg into photoshop to further work on it. then someone told me to use png instead but i am still getting a very soft/blurry image out of blender. when i finish the piece i am working on in photoshop everything looks great, except the 3d object that i placed in. what is the best way to work with the two together? what i want is a much sharper and better quality picture out of blender. im a pure noob to blender so maybe i am missing some key steps in outputting a file.

thank you

Soft and blurry renders are things we typically must work to achieve. The default, simplistic setup for rendering will create very sharp, well-defined images - so much so that they are typically regarded as ‘too cg-looking’. For this reason, soft shadows, motion blur and depth-of-field techniques are often employed.

The jpg format is designed as a lossy compression scheme… it throws away some of your data in order to save space. You can control the amount of data it throws away to some extent, but I believe there will still be some losses. Perhaps this is the source of your blurriness? For that reason, I would wholeheartedly concur with the advice you’ve been previously given to use PNGs instead of JPGs.

This is, however, quite possibly pointless, because all we can do is guess at what your issue is. I would recommend as your best course of action to render an image which most clearly illustrates the problem and post it here for us to inspect, annotating it with arrows and captions as needed.

There are two seperate things here - the type of file you export, and the anti-aliasing filter.

Jpeg is indeed not a good way to export, since it compresses and loses data. That’s useful when you want to put something on the Internet and need a small file, but quality is necessary in this case. PNG is indeed the better way to go here.

What you might be bothered by is the default antialiasing filter. In Scene (F10) -> Render, there’s a field saying Gauss. Change that to CatRom (Catmull-Rom) and your render should be sharper. If that’s still not sharp enough, increase the value next to it, if it’s too sharp, try some other method; 2.5 will have Mitch (Mitchell-Netravali) as a default, I believe.