Working with real world scales - Box mesh @ 2' instead of 1'

Somewhat new to Blender, I’ve been working in what I thought was real world scale however I realized that each time I Add > Mesh > Cube the scale of the object is 2’x 2’. In the properties window the cube says it’s at a scale of 1. How do I get Blender to always make an object just 1 unit whether its a foot, meter or other and still be at a scale of 1?

The scale is just a factor and should ALWAYS be 1 if you are sculpting or using any modifiers on the object. You can see the actual size of the object if you hit N on your keyboard and look at the top right corner of your 3d viewport. There should be the dimensions (=real world size). If you scale your object (Shortcut S) it will change the scale and the dimensions accordingly so make sure to apply the scale afterwards (Ctrl+A->Scale) to make the scale 1 again

“1”, right?

Yes :sweat_smile:
I corrected it…

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Thanks. I realize there is a dialogue box when creating a new asset that sets the initial scale. I had missed this previously.