Working with the Logitech MX400 mouse and Blender

Hi all,

Recently I bought a Logitech MX400 laser mouse (,nl
But my problem is that I can’t use the middle mouse button correct (for panning and rotating the view).
It works with Ctrl+ Numpad 2,4,6,8 but it isn’t working good.
Well, I kinda know what the problem is: SetPoint.
But is there also a possibility that I can make several profiles, in where one is disabled (SetPoint)?



I use a logitech g5 with set point, and instead of using the middle mouse button (which doesn’t work properly in blender) I made the additional button on the side act as a middle mouse button, It is possible to adjust all buttons of the mouse (atleast it’s possible for the g5 but I’m guessing it’s also possible for all newer mouse models of logitech) to act in a way you like them to act, this can be done for individual programs, or all programs in total. So my solution to this problem is to change the forward or backward (it isn’t really important which one) to act as a middle mouse button in blender. To do this (assuming you can change your mouse lay out the same way as a g5) add the blender.exe (I hope you use windows as I don’t know how to do this in linux or other os) you can do this when you open set point and go to button under program select (in dutch it’s called: programma beheren, so it should be something like manage programs) there you click on add and browse to blender.exe. Now you can change the lay out of the mouse only for blender. Select blender under the select program. and change either forward or backward to middle mouse button. Voila your additional button now works as a middle mouse button and you can pan and rotate as intended

I hope this made sense and helped you,


Well, it works now, for some reason I don’t know.
But yeah, what you say is the best option to do.