Working with WSAG. Quick syntax question

Im just now tearing into WSAGE and im trying to make it work in 2.62. Im making things happen through the network and im liking it. But somethings arent working. Can you tell me if this like is correct syntax for 2.62

logic.server.sendto(sentdata, clip)
sentdata = dumps(([owner.worldPosition, owner[“mstate”]]))

Im just wondering because it stacks my objects on top of each other when the client connects, although the state carries correctly.
My worldposition receive is always equaling 0,0,0 So its not sending it through correctly or not receiving it correctly. I was thinking maybe a Syntax 2.49 to 2.62 bug. Heres the receive end

recvdata, svrip = logic.client.recvfrom(1024)
scene.objects[“Server”].worldPosition = loads((recvdata))[0]

Im still learning, I just want to make sure this sytax is correct for 2.62

It’s right, but it is caused between a conflict between physics and networking. You’re best off spawning the players in different places.

ill give it a shot

Just finished a fairly detailed video tutorial on BGE networking/sockets:

It’s fairly long (relative to my other tutorials), but I take you all the way from concept to implementation.

The end result is a small world, where a few clients can join in, and move around.

Really, the concepts are more important than anything, but there are also some nifty things to pick up on the implementation side.

Hope that helps.

A year ago Mokazon and I have ported WSAG to Blender 2.57 (works up to Blender 2.59).

I have also made an unfinished Blender 2.62 version. I fixed all grafik bugs, but the animations aren’t fixed.