workinig with IPOs

(macherb) #1


I tried several things with IPOs. Hence some questions…
Is it possible to read the angle of a rotation (e.g. RotX)?
With an object selected, is it possible to add a curve (spline) for another parameter (e.g. there is only RotX defined. I want to add an animation curve for RotY)?


(hweihe) #2

Adding curves is possible. With the Object selected open an IPO-window. On the right side you see the available IPOS. left-click on the one you want to create. Then you can add a new curve / new points by CTRL+Left-Clicking in the IPO-Window.

What do you mean with “read the angle of a rotation (e.g. RotX)”??
When you select an object you can see its orientation by pressing N.
If you need to know the values of any point inside an IPO-Curve, it’s also possible: select the point (first TAB on the curve) and press N.

Hope that helps.


(macherb) #3

hweihe wrote:
Hope that helps.

Indeed, it helped!