Workless society, a workless civilization

With the advancment of the robot’s, we might be able to have a workless civilization. The robot’s would do everything for us, cooking, building, repairing and medical. We humans will have time for more fun things, science, artwork, sports and creation.

There should be a law, that makes it a requirement for robots to have a weaker mind than humans. It would be stupid for the creator to make the creation more powerful, as it would have the ability to destroy the creator.

The workless society people would have an allowance given by the government for each person.


AI is artificial by definition, that means it is weaker. Order of complexity allows it to be more capable sometimes, and always with limitation of result, programming is not the same as dictating, in that I do not tell software what to do, I enable it to do things via creation, from there it can only do those things, even if it is to refine its approach, which is to test and improve.

Robots do not and will never have a mind, its just our best approximation, even if it can produce a ‘better’ result.

To create a law for such a thing would be too vague and would also limit technological pursuit.

Nobody can play God, none can comprehend that level of understanding. To try is to fail, although you may learn a thing or two, hopefully about yourself.


Doing my research on the the thing called AI, it’s only a software program that can solve problems. There is no mind, no thinking, no life. They said what the AI Robots will be able to do for us, is do the jobs that are routine, such as rotating and fastening things. It’s just a more advanced automation.

I was looking at the kung fu AI robots, and it I think it would be nice to have a AI robot that can be used for practicing kung fu, or even self defense. I know they certainly can be used for teaching kung fu.

I also learned that the australian army is putting effort into making more tasks in their war machine using AIRobots.

making robots do our jobs will only lead to wors, because lots of people will lose thir jobs and more than that, we will become lazy and fat, just like the movie wallE


never seen the movie. “War” as in World War II. your accent shows when you spelled it with wor.

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i really hate the typing fixer Xb

Yes robots can have some advantages to humans however only small ones. Like strength. Humans are so advanced that we really have only scratched the surface of how we work(the human body and mind).
Hell we just started diving into the quantum world on a larger scale. So what past that do we not know. Lots…
Anyway yes we could create robots that could destroy us but not in our time or our kids or their kids or their kids and on and on…
As far as us loosing our jobs new jobs would be available to maintenance them and create new technologies. The human species is so far advanced we may never know everything about it.
I for one love the thought of robots and what we could use them for.
If you are worried about future jobs start learning about robotics and AI now.
You will have a jump on everyone else.

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i think the people made robots just become filthy rich,
alot of car factoys switched form amn power to robots power, which lead to fast work detaield work but non Quality work,
compare between the todays car,s and 90,s /80,s/70,s cars which one is powerful, which one can live for a long time,
but that dosent mean not work on robot,s
we can use thim as builders for hard work,s as for mines.

Technological unemployment is not only inevitable, it to some extent is already here.

The question is who profits from it.
The rich? The poor? The environment?

I think with sustainable living practices coupled with recycling and manufacturing at home and a distributed ad hoc open source internet we could all work, for each other.

This is something I am hoping the world will do. I know that some countries already are doing it. When the industrial evolution took over all work, putting all work into the factories, the only way to get the machines for the work was to have really big machines.

With modern technology a man is able to build a car in he’s garage. We are in the information technology age, if we want to know how something is done, we just search for it on the internet, it’s no longer a secret.

Like you said, open hardware allows us to get legal blueprints for our own manufacturing home business. With just a lilttle bit of knowledge, people are able to make their own designs. For example, building motorcycles at home, building 3d printers at home.

Making cloths at home is unrealistic, because of how much cloths are on the market. Unless one has a super nice design, something original and nice. I think most people have decided that cloths is just some necessity, and they don’t really care about them.

You know those robot industry robotic arms, an individual can get one or two for he’s garage.

You will still need a standalone building if you want to achieve the mass manufacturing you would need to sell a large quantity of items (even if the robots are doing the work for you while you golf). Most 3D printing machines today take hours for a single part (depending on the material), you can’t materialize something in seconds like in Star Trek yet.

The garage throughout history has been seen as just the starting point for a business (you can be sure that HP, Apple, ect… did not stay inside of such a space for long).

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you say it like it’s something bad! work is shit, no work and lots of free time is good!

But a large business can move millions of units worth of product a month, I think you might be a bit too optimistic if you think the workload of several factories can be condensed down to the space of a garage today even with a bunch of those things (unless it’s perhaps some small knick-knack).

What I mean by home manufacturing business, is to make enough money to earn a workers level of income. The business would produce about 2k - 3k USD per month.

I do not mean to make a workless society to sound bad. What I mean by it, is the people in the workless society would have an allowance given by the government. They would never have to work, because the drones would do all of it.

what if instead of a allowance you were given a solar array, recycling machines, and a 3d printer, a supercritical solar gasifier.

what if everyone made their own power, water, and grew their own Food?

what if the automation that happens benefited everyone?

I don’t think people would stop working, I think they would shift to more cerebral work like designing space ships and fusion machines.

Parents could spend time raising their children… making better parents for the next generation etc.

we are a civilization raised on TV and what the state feeds us.


Who is going to build, design, test and maintain those robots? Is it other robots? Who is going to sue the robot company when a robot accidentally hurts somebody? Who is going to be the judge and the jury?

Robots can displace workers and drive down marginal costs, but there will always be something to do that robots (or AI) can’t yet do, which is work for humans to do until a robot can do it cheaper. Don’t underestimate the cost of designing and marketing a robot, or to integrate it into a process.

That assumes there are people who can’t be trained to ever do anything that a robot couldn’t do cheaper. I don’t think that is true for the vast majority of people.

There’s a huge and growing market for elderly care, for instance. I don’t think the elderly are looking forward to robot care.

Maybe those displaced workers don’t want to do these new jobs, but that’s another story.

Everything would suck. People aren’t good at doing all things, they’re good at doing specific things. Then they trade with each other for the goods and services that they are each best and most efficient at. It’s been working out quite well.

It does benefit virtually everyone by driving down marginal cost for products and services.


If you want to see what happens when nobody works one only has to visit dumptroit or any other ghetto.

That’s what happens when the majority of people in a community don’t work.

So what exactly would the robots be doing? Helping to knock down the abandoned buildings that used to be businesses? Help rounding up the gang members that prey on the junkies that have nothing better to do but drugs because without work, they’re pretty much serve zero purpose, thus causing depression because they literally have nothing better to do with themselves.

A “utopian” society where nobody works can ever exist, at least for very long anyway.

That’s what happens when the majority of people in a community don’t work.

no that is what happens when the automtive industry no longer needs assembler monkeys.

I have friends who make car parts, and it used to take 20 people on 1 line of parts,

now it’s 1 person per line.

machines become more flexible every day - but repetitive labor was the first to go.

No that’s what happens when unrealistic regulations are placed on the steel and automotive industries under the guise of “saving the planet” from “gorebull warming”, so to save money, stay in business, and comply with the money grab of regulations from the, not naming any names but it’s the party that starts with a ‘D’ and has a jackass for a mascot, they needed a cheaper alternative to expensive humans that didn’t need a useless union, didn’t ever complain about not getting paid enough, or go on strike to keep the (D) union bosses filthy rich under the guise of “protecting the workers”.

There’s a reason dumptroit is called “The ‘D’”.

But since your avatar clearly shows that your “down with the struggle” and know all about ‘The D’, and this is a Blender site where politics shouldn’t really be discussed, I won’t correct you any further.