Works for Hire forum?

Every now and then a thread pops up with someone asking for help, usually they are asking for free help and have little or no capital to backup any real projects. But I’m sure at least a handful of those types have some kind of legitimacy to them and have some capital to back up their requests.

So I was thinking it might be nice to have a place dedicated to that. Furthermore it could also help to promote making some money for the animator or modeler that does this in their spare time. Such a forum could also be used to organize free works if all parties agree to that.

There could also be a few stickys that at least mention that both parties should research what ‘works for hire’ means, and any real works for hire should be backed by some kind of contract that is mutually agreed upon by both parties. This type of advice isn’t really steeping into the realm of offering legal advice as long as you state this is not legal advice.

Legal advice is a bad idea in general, unless your a loyer.

Well thats my $0.02, any other thoughts?

Whilst I check the forum here as the most frequent thing, we would be doubling up on the work of if something was here. Perhaps an RSS feed of job postings there could inform people here - just to avoid doubling up the places to post work and scattering potential employers over multiple sites.

edit: darn, too late.

I like the RSS feed idea