Works that don’t use blender in finished projects

I’m doing a bunch of work on projects that don’t necessarily use blender – if I do end up making something cool what do you think about posting them in the finished projects section. It any rate just wondering.

Post them in the traditional section.

well they are still 3D rendered, but rendered using an engine I’m working on

So they are mostly made in blender, but rendered in another renderer?

Seems fine then.

There is countless of people that use external render engines to render scenes created in blender.

As long as the blender was used somewhere in the pipeline, go ahead and post!

Generally the people who use other render engines will say something like “rendered in Yaf(a)ray” or “rendered in Sunflow”, or sometimes, if it’s a well known engine, will just use “Yafray” or “Indigo” as captions. There wouldn’t be any problem with you saying something like “rendered with a new renderer” or “non Blender-Internal render” or some such.

Alright cool, doing work on an OpenGL renderer using CUDA for post production effects. Its not meant to be real time but rather get very high quality renders down to a few seconds.

well personally i dont have anything against it but when i see some of this art done in blender render it inspires me. to know it was rendered with somthing i dont know how to use sorta discouages me for some reason…

NJROTC, I know how you feel. There is so much to learn just in Blender that to find out a great image also requires learning another piece of software can seem overwhelming.

Truth is, though, that people who do animation, architecture, landscapes, advertising, all have different requirements for a render engine. An engine that does excellent architectural renders would probably not be well suited for animation.

The Blender Internal renderer is a good one, but it doesn’t seem to be optimised in any particular direction. So it’s pretty good right out of the box, and can be tweaked (with material and lighting and textures) to give excellent results for most types of graphics. But it leaves room for people to write optimized renderers, as MrRage is doing.

Ah, yes…currently I’m getting into Indigo - it looks easy at first but to get the results you have in your mind, it still needs tweaking and testing, which is quite different from experimenting in Blender or Yafray or anything else I have worked with yet.

But, what I want to say, it is worth it. Spending time on other tools to have even more choices in your production pipeline is never wrong, I think, at it can be pretty interesting as well. Also, not to mention that you do learn more about other stuff as well, mainly how to produce Blender models which are practical for exporting.

The only problem is - it needs time to learn all that…

As for the topic: I personally use Blender at the moment only as modeling tool, nothing more. All the rest is done in external rendering engines and Photoshop (and I’ll post the results in the Finished work section someday ) :wink: