This is my first post in the finished projects section.

I want to present a render scene which i have created over the last three days. It was rendered in Cycles.

This render was created as a conceptual artwork for the Project Panthera game project by Traevaine.

The first render results:

The scene is too dark and the wall texture is too ugly.

The Final render results:

I’ve added three more people and a lot more car parts for the background, also i have improved the lighting.

Full size image:

The concept for the car and the soldiers are from our concept artist st-peter.

The Car:

The soldier:



Awesome as usual man, you rock!!!

My God, what a nice designs and pictures, very very cool man!

Thank you ^^ Agus3D

Thank you, leonnn i like you Pic-a-Pix Gameprojekt keep up the good work^^

Very nice scene and models!
If I had to criticize I’d say it’s all a bit too smooth and clean.

Great scene. I love your approach to the project. I agree that workshops are little bit dirtier (oil spots everywhere), but than again this is a military installation!

Nice work Dennis!

I really like the shot of the soldier with his arm on the vehicles wheel, you should do a photoshop paint over or texture it it to finish it off further.

Good work.

Very nice work :wink:

i agree with chrisskinner.
The only thing i would really change are those chains, what are they good for?

super cool, that looks like lots and lots of work, how long did it take you? lol

wow, the lighting, texureing, rendering, everything is awesome

Words can’t describe how awesome this is… :slight_smile:

Good piece of work here, thanks for sharing

Thanks to everyone for the feedback ^ ^
If I find time I’ll rework this scene again.

Dang, those are some low profile tires. I guess it’s not built for comfort. :wink:

I installed shock absorbers at the front but not in the back of the car.
yes, it is not very convenient if you want to drive off the road.
The car is created for highways, I think about making a version
with more tire treads and shock absorbers for off-road areas.

Great work - thanks for sharing. Maybe a little bit of dust and oil could make it more real.

Really, really great work. It’s very encouraging to see such great work come out of Blender. Much of the game industry overlooks blender, simply because it’s free for anyone to use.


very very nice image and design.