Workspace [not for blenderguru photorealism contest :)]

Currently I’m working on recreate workspace visible below in the picture. Many things isn’t finished and added to the scene. But as a beginner in a blender, I would like to ask for your opinions: what to change, what to improve, how illuminate this scene for better look?

— My render —

— Reference photo —
I don’t own this photo. It was found on

Personally, I think it is too bright, it is almost exactly like the lighting in the original photo, but in the photo, I still think it is too bright, In the top right, you can only see half the lamp, as the other half is bright white from light reflection.

Thank you for answer! :wink:
I rebuilt the lightning and the render looks a little bit darker than previous one. Don’t look at the chair, I’m still working on it. I also need to know how to achieve light on book shelf and white reflection on wooden floor near window without making whole scene too bright.

I agree with scholar, even if it looks almost similar to the reference picture (well done!) i would decrease the brightness…
but if u really want it to look like the first picture you should slightly change the lighting
and (if u keep the illumination settings) try to improve(darken) the materials , especially of the folders, the metal"foot", the cupboard under the picture and the floor. but i think changing the illumination would be the best :slight_smile:

Zimstern, unfortunately moderators allowed to publish my post with new render after you wrote yours. So I ask again: what do you think now? :slight_smile:

The red and grey file holders (or whatever they are called) are too dark, and they have magazines in the original photo. In the footer underneath the window there should be some dirt, and a sharp dark shadow. The wooden texture is different, but I think you could find better textures, that look more like the one in the original photo. The Starter Pack from the Architecture Academy has a nice one. There are books in the fourth shelf in the picture, so adding that will also improve a lot. The reflections on the table legs are too light, and the image itself is a bit too desaturated. The chair looks a bit fake, maybe change the angle to match the one in the picture and make the holes in the chair seat less visible. The modeling is great, the overall image looks a lot like the ones in the picture, expect the floor. I really like it overall, it does look like the original photo.

first of all i must admit that i mixed up your rendered image with the reference -.- stupid me :o
(to be true: i favor your images ! the reference image is too bright to my taste. in order to that i prefer the darker floor of your first render :wink: )

but there is still an improvement ! -now, in the 2nd render i can see the frame of the picture as in the reference image :slight_smile:
little things to improve: the vase needs a more glass like look/material (don´t know if you deliberately leaved it out, together with the textures, for faster render times?), the cupboard is higher (and its color brighter) than the reference cupboard.
as isaque says you could add the missing books.
because of the illumination (and/or material?) the picture in the frame seems to bright -i think you could fix this with compositing (material index -> hue saturation or bright-contrast node ; if you don´t know how it works i could maybe send you a tutorial link)
materials: maybe you should decrease the roughness of some materials, this may results in less brightness all over the room.
shadows and lighting: try out different distances of the light sources to get “sharper” shadows
i am looking forward to another render (maybe with textures^^?)
GJ !