Workspaces: why isn't this a conversation?

Hope this time finds you well.
Why are workspaces not talked about more? I ask because I was recently introduced to them while trying to tame my addon addiction. I don’t know about you but my n-panel is so full it is unusable. I know about Simple tabs but the exceptions are a hassle in this everchanging world.
What I did not know was that I needed to go through my workspace tabs and filter out what didn’t need to be on that workspace.
I also didn’t realize that the workspaces they provide are quite a logical start. For the animation workspace I plan to turn on everything animation related; the modeling workspace will be usable because it will be readable; and the shading ws now makes sense to me as a dedicated workspace.
Now I need to find out how to pull these workspaces out and spread them amongst a lab. This really seems like it’s the intended way to manage addons.
Your thoughts?

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?? Well they are on to top row right to the menu and you never switched for example to UVEditing or Shading …?? And because they aren’t hidden in any way… why talk about it ?

No, actually, I don’t mean that. Chuckle, no, that’s simple to see, as you said: obvious.
I think that’s why there is no conversation: everyone thinks that the tabs on top ARE the conversation. They are not. The conversation should be how you can shorten your tab list by activating the corresponding and relevant tools.

When first activated, and you see those tabs, you click and see the difference but all of your N-panel tools across the tabs are the same. They are not already setup for efficient use. Makes a mess of the N-panel.

Organize it as stated above and your N-panel can be made sense of. When this is saved as your default scene it makes much more sense of the workspace paradigm.

Again, as I’m a voracious reader (so I like to think) I’ve ran across this as point of better using Blender thrice now in many years. As I now understand it, my angst at the N-Panel will be alleviated.
But still…
Just wondering …


Now i get it: you are talking about the possibility to enable different addons in the N-Panel on different workpsaces… So maybe you title should read: Different N-panel-settings in the workspaces ?? I’m not using so much so i never bothered.

You just need to save a .blend file containing those workspaces as an application template and then, share the template.

Right on! That was a good read:
This will make it a breeze to setup across many installations.

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I think that a lot of pre 2.8 blender users (at least me) never actually use the workspaces at all. We just change the windows on the fly when we need to in the “old fashion” way.

I am not against them I just do not have the habit.

Your add-on filters per workspace does make sense but I do not use that many add-ons.

I wondered if this, too, were the case: I have a boatload of plugins. All this time I thought the workspace concept, tabs at the top, was a dumb idea. It just made no sense to me. The workspace addon filtering was not so obvious.
Now, I get it and the workspace feature seems to be the logical missing piece that wasn’t actually missing. Addon tabs based on the workspace selected is actually brilliant. Thus my question.
I am wondering if the tabs organized will get me to use the workspace area better. Ha, at all.

As I said I am not against them, workspaces are a way to personalise your IU.

I think they could be most useful if you make your own, not just use the defaults (for me they have too many windows).

It would be faster for me to click on a personalized workspace rather than using the editor type button, dragging windows around and changing their shading configurations, (or in your case change addon-filters) etc.

For me it is a question of habit (old habits die hard), first I need to spend time personalizing my spaces, then I would have to “force” myself to get used to clicking them!

I know it sounds lazy, but usually when I open Blender I just want to dive in and do something. :rofl:

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Nope, does not sound lazy. Sounds like what I’ve done. Finally settling down to make it my own. And to speed up my workflow.