Well, I thought we could all put in here our weird/futuristic PC and/or other computer-like models.

I made this one today, took me an hour and a half to get it to this stage. I’d say it’s almost finished, but I still need to apply textures for the keyboard (either that or I could just go with text overlay - but that’s just not professional).

This one (Metacortex Workstation_01) was inspired by DVD players and the world’s first 8-core computer (8 big columns, filled with lights and pipes down a poorly-lit hallway).

Hope ye like it… I know I do. (for the Game Engine, I plan to use a reflection method I’ve used before, but make it semi-transparent - a texture with alpha and mirror realtime rendering in the UV options)



Added the keyboard “text”, minor glass modeling touches and inside optical drive modifications.



Rendered a lighting test, representing a complex algorithm: fatal error, reboot, system check.



Nice but trynna make your keyboard more realistic :evilgrin: like this one :

Nice led effect !:eyebrowlift:


cool kheyboard

Can you please explain how you get this glowing effect from the colored lights?
(red, green…)

Is that post prod? (like node work on the rendered images)

Thx :slight_smile:

Keep it up!

Well, yes, I used the Sequence Editor to add that glow (scene strip with a GLOW effect added, then off to render).

But, I am pretty sure you can reproduce this effect using halos for every button… you just need patience to set the material accordingly.

In the video. Why its calling S.O.S? =)

Thx David for the information :slight_smile:

as far as ‘professional’ goes, sometimes the quickest method is the best - projecting textures is completely fine, its not a cheat. grinding through laying out text objects all over the place works for some tasks, sometimes it doesn’t…