Worl light intensity

i used a background worl with a blue skie

is there a way to reduced the level of light of the worl ?


I am a bit confused

how many lights do you have in your scene?

There are many possibilities: Ambient light is too bright, AO is too strong, You have there too many too strong lamps, your materials are not set properly and others. Post at least a render, so we can see.

To reduce the brightness of the sky color, you have to click on the Zenith swatch. In the color shading box, wherever your little circle is, click to the left of it and your color will be darker.

it’s the default file when you load up 2.45

the sky is light blue and the bottom is white

even if i turn down the only lamp i have the rendered image is very clear
i was hoping to keep it but with less brightness and intensity


Default file isn’t default, maybe you have changed it. Are the “Exp” and “Range” sliders (where you set the background colour) set to 0.0 and 1.0? Is Ambient Occlusion off?

i tried to play with the color of the ambiant light but not exaclty what i’m lookin for!

i wish there was kind of a brightness contrast control in combination with the RGB value
which is good but somewhat limited in how fast you can get the results i’m lookin for

anyway if anybody has a better idea let me know