world append ?

i tried to append the world from one file to another

but it did not seems to change anything in the file?

is there any special technic to be used here ?

and will this transfert all the image use for isntance for HDRi or sky map too?


You may want to just import the entire scene, then the entire world should come in with it. Select that world from your other scene in the world section. Now you can delete the imported scene and do a file save/re-open to clean up your file.

i did that append other scene but did not see any change in scene of the file

i mean there is another step to get rid of existing scene and replace it with append one

ok where can i do that ?


In the World TAB there is a drop down of all world settings available from all scenes.
When I import a scene and want the world, I often will go to that scene and rename the world to something I can recognize, like “myWorld” because Blender will just name them sequentially

Then I go to the scene where I want to use the world and activate the World TAB. I click on the drop down and there is the name of the world I want to use. Simply select it and now my new scene is using the world from the imported scene.

This is just like re-assigning a mesh to an object. Because Blender has a global workspace you can link anything from any scene to any object in the system, including the world.