World Background Screen Flicker


I’m new to blender and 3D graphics. I rendered the attached .blend file to PNG’s, then I created an .mp4 with FFMPEG. The only problem is that the blue background flickers in the mp4. I tried to upload the mp4 to this site, but i received an error message. Is there anything weird with my render settings, or any thing else you can see that may cause the flickering. I’ve tried rendering with render percentage at 50% and 100%.

Thanks in advance, and let me know if you need more info.


surfboard1.blend (623 KB)

I’m new to blender too, but I do know something about video editing. I’m just speculating, but it could be related to your frame rate. For instance, if your blender file is 24 fps, but you played it in a 30 fps sequence, it might flicker.