World Blender Meetup Day (WBMD) 2020

World Blender Meetup Day (WBMD) 2020 is happening on Saturday March 21! WBMD is an annual event where Blender user groups, studios, and solution makers in various cities around the globe join online on a single day to share creative projects, development efforts and inspired techniques.

WBMD starts at the international date line and follows the sun across cities around the world. Local city groups broadcast live sessions at their usual meeting times with additional Blender experts joining the fun throughout. The event is completely free like our favorite software and the agenda and instructions on how to join our event stream will be posted at a future date to (updates coming)

Do you run a user group in your city? Would you like to? Get in touch with event organizers to take part in WBMD by subscribing our mailing list at the following location:

World Blender Meetup Day 2020 is gaining momentum with more than 24 city groups, studios and professionals participating thus far. Our marathon stream of Blender presentation sessions from around the globe begins on March 21st starting at 03:00 UTC from groups such as the following:

John McCarthy (Adelaide), Melbourne Blender Society, Character Mill (Sydney), Crowdrender (Sydney), South Metropolitan TAFE Students (Perth), Chris Vian (Jakarta), BlueStone Institute of Design (Mumbai), Amsterdam Blender 3D Meetup (Amsterdam), Blender 3D Meetup London (London), Juan Pablo Bouza (Buenos Aires), Montréal Blender Users Group (Montréal), Derek Barker / Frederik (Charleston), SEABUG (Seattle), LA.blend (Los Angeles), Englewood Blender User Group (Englewood), Vancouver Blender User Group (Vancouver), Theory Studios (Various), Tangent Labs (Toronto), Dustin Bowser (Los Angeles), Concierge Render (Various), Visual Creatures (Los Angeles), Qarnot Computing (Paris), and many more…

Mark your calendars and join our YouTube live stream on the day. If you run a Blender group and would like to join the fun, or if you simply want to tune in and watch the show, visit

World Blender Meetup Day is an online event that follows the sun across multiple cities around the globe with speakers presenting Blender related topics on a single calendar day. Our thoughts are with those affected by the recent global pandemic and we are honored to enable Blender user groups to virtually share with each other via web conferencing software and YouTube streaming. The fun kicks off on Saturday March 21 at 03:00 UTC.

WBMD participants this year include: Epic Games, Character Mill, Tangent Labs, Bone Studio, Red Cartel, Theory Studios, AMD, BlueStone Institute of Design, BlenderDiplom, Crowdrender, Los Angeles Blender Users Group (LA.blend), Vancouver Blender User Group, Blender 3D Meetup London, Sydney Blender Users Group (SBUG), Melbourne Blender Society, Seattle Blender Users Group (SEABUG), Boston Blender Users Group, Dustin Bowser, Dion Moult, John McCarthy, Chris Vian, Dion Moult, Juan Gea, Jacob Merrill, and others!

You can watch our YouTube live stream and find the events schedule in the coming days on our website:

To work out your local time from UTC, either set your phone to include a London time clock or use a time converter: (Hint: Our event starts Friday PM in North America).

Follow the #WBMD hashtag on Twitter for the latest news.

World Blender Meetup Day 2020 starts in 12 hours! Help us get the word out! YouTube influencer? Twitter legend? FaceBook champion? The fun starts at 03:00 UTC. Let Blenderheads around the world know! #WBMD

Erm, yeah, please don’t go out and meet random people in your cities given the current situation.

I was just about to make a post about the ad banner for this event at the top of the site, saying that advertising it right now is slightly morally wrong, and that shouldn’t have it up there right now, but I was unsure as to which forum to post in. I guess this post should suffice.

I think you missed a detail. (:

(…) in various cities around the globe join online on a single day to (…)

Looks it’s already online, by the way.


Phew!! I guess I should read the fine print :grimacing:

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Enjoy World Blender Meetup Day 2020 Sessions in 4K!

Running out of streaming content while you are stuck at home? Fear not! You can now access every session of World Blender Meetup Day 2020 on the World Blender Meetup Day YouTube channel in glorious Ultra High Definition. The recorded event can be found in two parts:

World Blender Meetup Day 2020 – Part I of II:

World Blender Meetup Day 2020 – Part II of II:

Curious about what sessions are included? Check out the following session schedule document our WBMD organizers use to manage the event on the day:

If you enjoy the 30 sessions and 17 hours of Blender fun, Like our videos and Subscribe to our channel so others can also find them:

World Blender Meetup Day is a worldwide event where Blender ( user groups and experts around the world unite on a single calendar day to share information and give back to the community we love so much. Information on the event can be found at: