World Buttons multiple settings

(Abavagada) #1

I am creating a scene, and would like to have a few World settings preset. Example: One setting would be for day, with blue sky and clouds. The other would be night, with dark sky and stars.

However, after I have one setting in, then add another (using Add New, so I know I am not simply editing the first), the first one gets erased.
It only ever lets me store 1 setting. Am I doing something wrong, or is only one allowed?

(S68) #2


never tried, but…

Blender deletes every unlinked object when it saves. I mean, if you have unassigned materials, save and reopen, then unassigned materials are gone… actually it is the only way to get rid of materials.

Maybe it is the same with worlds…

maybe you can try to add multiple (empty) scenes, and be sure to have a world for each… so that they are assigned…

Let me know if this works


(hweihe) #3

It works!

Stefano is completely right. If you add another scene and use the other world in it, the world will not be killed by saving.

If you changed the world in your main scene, pay attention to change the worlds in the other scenes, too. If you see an O before the name in the world-selection-menu, it currently is not used and will be deleted at the next storing.